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Car accident guidelines

Following our guidelines after being involved in a car accident can help protect your legal rights.

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Do you have a case

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Why Should I Hire an Accident Lawyer?
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Our accident attorneys can help you obtain the best medical care and compensation possible.

Proven Track Record of Case Results
Proven case results

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Car Accidents
Car Accidents in Riverside

A car accident in San Jose can interrupt your life, especially if you suffer an injury. Our experienced accident attorneys help injury victims seek medical attention, options for vehicle repair, and financial compensation for pain and suffering resulting from the car crash.

San Jose Car Accident Law

Trucking Accidents
Big Rig Accident Lawyer in Riverside

Accidents involving big rigs can result in serious injuries. Injury claims with serious injuries are complicated, with insurance companies purposefully dragging matters out in an attempt to settle on the cheap. We don't let the insurance companies take advantage of our clients.

Big Rig Crashes in San Jose

Motorcycle Accidents
Motorcycle Accidents in Riverside

Motorcycle accidents often result in serious injury to the biker. Suffering a serious injury can lead to many questions after a wreck. Our experienced motorcycle accident attorneys in San Jose can help victims find skilled doctors and seek financial compensation.

San Jose Motorcycle Accidents

Uber Accidents
Uber Accidents in Riverside

Ridesharing services, such as Uber and Lyft, are not immune from accidents. Passengers in an Uber or Lyft that crashed can seek financial compensation for their injuries. Our accident attorneys can help victims recover from their injuries without hassle or worry.

Uber Accidents in San Jose

Outstanding Case Results

$6.1 Million

Auto Accident

Our client was driving on a rural two-lane highway when an impaired driver crossed the center and caused a head-on collision with our client and his family.


$4.1 Million

Auto Accident

Our client suffered major injuries after a vehicle made an unsafe left turn in heavy fog. Our office initially refused a low settlement offer.


$2.5 Million

Auto Accident

Our client was pulled over on the side of a road when a speeding vehicle crashed into him. The defendant's insurance refused to pay our client in a timely manner, leading to financial penalties.


$2.1 Million

Auto Accident

Our client entered an intersection after coming to a complete stop when he was struck by a police cruiser speeding at 70 mph, causing serious injuries.

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